Subby's BBQ was inspired by a great man's love of food and family.  Sebastian "Subby" Rogozinski was a cook in the U.S. Navy.  After returning from war he began crafting decades of family traditions that have been passed down generation to generation.  One tradition was our family barbecues, which in Western New York, was typically a slow roasted chicken barbecue.  Subby would burn oak and cherry logs until he had an even bed of coals and then manually rotisserie chicken halves until they were golden brown and nearly falling off the bone.  Towards the very end of the smoking process Subby would dunk the chicken halves in to a smoky, sweet, spicy red sauce and place them back on the grill grates to caramelize.  The result was a perfectly tender and juicy piece of chicken that family and friends would gorge themselves on.

Our owner, Rick MacDuffie is Subby's grandson and our chef, Travis Gilley is Subby's great-grandson.  For both, it was a rite of passage to help Dzia Dzia (Polish for grandpa) tend the fire, turn the chicken and dunk it.  He was meticulous.  Everything had to be done just right.  So it is at Subby's BBQ.  We aspire to transform the Pacific Northwest's BBQ experience into that nostalgic, back yard, down home goodness that reminds you of the BBQ you used to have growing up and perhaps introduce you to something new along the way.

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