Wherever you go across the United States you find ‘the place for barbecue’.  The Pacific North West is an exception to that rule.  Our founder has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 17+ years and has yet to find BBQ that customers can’t get enough of.  There are popular BBQ restaurants, but none of them have the renown of BBQ you find in other parts of the country (eg. Pappy’s Smokehouse, Chiavetta’s Catering or Franklin Barbecue).  One of the most notable BBQ purveyors in the Seattle area was known for asking their customers if they had ‘met the man’.  Customers that were unfamiliar might respond with a “No.” and would receive a dollop of the spiciest sauce the pit master could muster.  The atmosphere was catchy and customers took pride in meeting the man, but the man was awful.  That is the conundrum of BBQ.  As a pit master, you spend hours imbuing flavor into your meats and then, as often is the case in the PNW, it is drowned in sauce because it was dry or it took on too much smoke and tasted burnt. If your smoked pork or beef is any good, you wouldn’t cover it up with sauce and we don't.

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Rick MacDuffie